Great Sushi in Pismo Beach

As a busy family we frequently have to rely on take-out when the day becomes a little bit too hectic. Luckily, we have Yanagi just a few blocks from home and office. They are awesome when it comes to speedy and fresh take-out — everything from the true, quality Sashimi that my husband and son love to the more elaborate rolls — like my mom’s favorite Philadelphia Roll. And even something for the sushi neophytes like my dad — a Crunchy Roll, Golden California Roll or some yummy fried rice or light and crispy Tempura.

We have also had the opportunity to come in for a quick bite at the bar with our son who LOVES sushi, or just when we are on our way for a date night at the movies. The Sushi chefs are truly artists, and have excellent customer service (a big deal for me).

Finally, the Teppanyaki Grill … This is one of the handful of restaurants in our area that really captures why we live here in the enormous picture windows framing our fantastic coastline views that the Teppanyaki Grills face. We have had many a birthday and anniversary celebration for friends and family around the grills, which I believe seat 10. Even Keller Williams b-day lunches — so fun! The Grill Chefs are expert at the entertainment side of the grill, as well as great at what they produce from the grill. I usually order the scallops and I’m always amazed at how perfectly tender they are — not easy to do when you have 5-6 different types of meat, chicken and seafood all grilling at the same time!

While some Sushi Critics frown on the loud atmosphere or jovial and exuberant staff that celebrate birthdays with loud music and welcome you and bid you good bye with gusto, I think that Yanagi staff is very attentive, anticipatory and friendly. It is a great family, friend and fun atmosphere and whether you are a Sushi traditionalist or your tastes lean more toward Tempura and Teppanyaki, you won’t be disappointed as you sip your Sapporo and nibble while taking in one of Pismo’s priceless sunsets.

Yanagi Sushi & Grill

(805) 773-3535
555 James Way
Pismo Beach,
CA 93449

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