Best Sandwiches in Grover Beach

If you don’t know what “show us your stacked” means, then you obviously haven’t sampled the scrumptious handcrafted sandwiches at this South County gem. I heard the rumors a few years ago that the “best” sandwiches were at Stacked. When I finally made it in, I fell in love! I have a tendency to always pick the same things on the menus of my favorite restaurants (just ask my husband) but not here… although I do have favorite’s (anything with Lisa in the name — Lisa’s Stacked, Lisa’s Italiano) I absolutely love the Hippy Chick when I have a hankering for egg salad. Watch out — it’s not for the faint of heart. Using their fire-infused pickled “hot chick” eggs, this is not your grannie’s finger sandwich — it’s egg salad with a kick!

I believe that the venue and the menu set the tone — with dry wit served up in the sandwich descriptions, simple, cleanly atmosphere, great customer service and quality finished products. It is obvious that the owners believe that this business is an extension of themselves in our community and it shows. I recently had the opportunity to order a catered lunch for my Rotary Club. The sandwich selections that the crew at Stacked made for our meeting were the perfect combination of their menu offerings, appealing to everyone gathered. There wasn’t a sandwich left after our group attacked the box! Additionally they added some delicious home-made cream of mushroom soup that hit the spot on an oddly rainy June day.

I would highly recommend this pit stop if you are catching a bite on your lunch break, getting a catered box for the office retreat or heading to the beach or the lake with a pre-made picnic. Friendly staff, great service and YUMMY food — all topped with the signature spicy pickled veggies is definitely worth a visit.

Stacked Sandwiches

(805) 489-9866
191 South Oak Park Blvd,
Grover Beach, CA 93433

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