Osty Farmer’s Insurance in Arroyo Grande

Linda Osty has been a cornerstone in our community for decades — even recently recognized as such this year by the Arroyo Grande Chamber of Commerce as it’s “Outstanding Citizen” award. She participates as an active member of our Rotary — as International Service Chair — and on many different organizations that send care packages, post cards and other things to support our troops overseas. She is a “doer’ — always involved and supporting great causes.

She has been associated with the real estate industry for years, but my most recent experience with her has been as my family insurance agent, and the agent that I refer all of my friends and family to when they need a great local agent. She always beats the competition — and even the internet bids — because she and her staff don’t just look at a client as an “applicant”. They take in all of the nuances of your particular scenario, adding every discount you qualify for and coming out ahead of every other option time and again.

She has put together a team of customer-service oriented individuals on her staff in their new Bridge Street Location that keep me in check when it comes to all of the details that I so often miss as a busy two-career household. And they reminded me of the importance of Life Insurance as well, right around the time my son was born — beating the competition on that price as well.

At the end of the day, what I look for in a referral associate is someone who is going to treat my clients as I treat them — with the highest level of service, attention to detail and the most competitive pricing available. I have many clients who are now clients of Osty Insurance and repeatedly rave about her rates and service. Osty Insurance is my go-to Farmer’s Insurance Provider — but with many other products including the Life Insurance I mentioned… I feel confident that you will love this local agent too!

Osty Insurance

136 Bridge Street A,
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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