Jones Janitorial

My family has known Dan Jones for as long as I can remember … the unassuming name of this family company — Jones Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning — downplays how well they do what they do. They are carpet and tile cleaning magicians!

I knew Dan was great when I was new to real estate and had one of those last minute “accidents” on the 29th day of a 30 day escrow. An elderly seller of ours stubbed his toe and bled all over the super-plush, super-white carpet. In just a few hours Dan and his son Nate came to the rescue and no one who hadn’t seen the stains for themselves would have known. He pulled the white carpet out of the hat (so to speak)! On our own homes they have rescued our carpets from pet mishaps, spilled laundry detergent and that’s not even mentioning the discovery mission they did on my kitchen tile grout when we moved in — it was a color that we didn’t even realize after they were done.

Although I will leave most of the technical details up to Dan and Nate, they have commercial XL sized machines in their vans that do a better job than the average cleaners on not only cleaning but getting the carpets extra dry before they leave. This means that they use their own water/cleaners and take it all with them to dispose of at the end. But more importantly the carpets dry in half the time of normal carpet cleanings.

And by the way, don’t get me started on why we don’t use or recommend those chemical cleaning services. Suffice it to say that when we have seen them used in the houses we have toured or listed, the chemicals aren’t built for the long-term. Stains rise to live another day and residue from the chemical dry process stays behind attracting future additional dirt.

So trust us when we say that we recommend Dan and son Nate. They are hands down the best at what they do on the Central Coast and probably beyond!

Jones Janitorial

(805) 543-1072
955 Huber Street
Grover Beach, CA 93433

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