The 28th Annual 2013 Classic at Pismo Beach Car Show

The Classic at Pismo Beach Car Show - 2013Downtown Pismo Beach played host to the 28th Annual Classic at Pismo Beach Car Show this Father’s Day weekend as it has for nearly thirty years. It is a Father’s Day tradition in our family to stroll through the cars and try to recognize the ones that my folks’ drove back in their hey days as well as admire the beauty and condition of all the other 1000 participants.

This year proved to have perfect Pismo Beach weather for the three day event which draws over 175,000 visitors on average, and over 1000 show vehicles as well as 130 vendors.

Just Cruzin’ productions and a host of sponsors that can be found on the web site linked here make this whole three day event happen, with many dinners and events for the visiting car owners and 150 Awards during the wind-down of the event on Sunday.

Typically we are lucky if we make it through three or four blocks of the event, so we headed straight for the center of the action in the dirt parking lot at the base of the pier. This area is transformed by the organizers into an expanse of rolling green astro-turf that hosts vendors, the beer garden, food and the creme-de-la-creme of cars. In addition Chevy and Ford bring some pretty impressive vehicles and even Geico brought it’s Gecko-inspired Harley to show off while throwing out free prizes to the kids.

If you happen to have a free Father’s Day weekend and you are in the area, it is a worth-while event — for those strolling down memory lane, car aficionados, or just novice admirers appreciative of the owners’ hard work — like us! With views of the Pismo Pier, the Pacific and surrounded by vendors and the local eateries, you can’t go wrong!

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