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talleyfarmsfreshharvestIt’s next to impossible to be a co-inhabitant of our planet today and not recognize that humans are having an impact on our climate, our resources and the realization that we need to do something — however small — to make it better for future generations. Ever since our son was born we made the switch to re-usable bags and tried to be more conscientious about saving energy at home and buying locally grown produce to cut down on the carbon footprint we leave behind. In most cases, buying locally had the added benefit of being organic and that was a plus now that we are raising a new human and understanding more and more the impact of hormones and pesticides on their tiny growing bodies.

So it was fantastic when we heard that the Talley Family — a local farming family for the past 100 years — would be offering a CSA program allowing us to receive fresh produce weekly from their abundant harvest!

Talley Farms Fresh Harvest
2900 Lopez Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA  93421
Tel. 805-489-5401
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We joined in May of this year, and once a week for approximately $26 we receive a two foot by 1 foot enormous veggie box STUFFED with such things as Talley Haas Avocadoes, Artichokes, Red and Green leaf lettuce, green beans, sugar snap peas, beets, raspberries, blackberries or strawberries (depending on the season), See Canyon apples, cilantro, melon, red and white scallions and much much more! The program is part of the “Community Supported Agriculture” system springing up nationwide where local residents can enjoy top-quality produce grown by local farmers. Many of the items in our box are organic and none of the items have been trucked across statelines for days at a time. They are fresh-picked and therefore last longer and taste better.

We look forward to the arrival of our Talley Fresh Harvest box like a Christmas present each week. It has made us more conscientious about including veggies with almost every meal. Additionally it has forced us to embrace things that we didn’t usually purchase — like Kale and Brussel Sprouts. It is also a treat to enjoy the pricier veggies like artichokes and avocados on a weekly basis whereas before they would be reserved for special occasions.

The organizer behind this opportunity is Andrea Chavez — wonderful to work with and always graciously accommodating her clients vacation schedules and change in pick-up locations — she makes the task of living local/buying local that much easier. With many locations to choose from and a flexible pick up schedule you can easily make this a part of your family routine. Keep in mind that the box can typically feed a family of four quite easily. The boxes can be ordered a week in advance and cancelled or suspended when necessary for trips out of town. It’s never been easier to provide your family a healthier menu, curtail your carbon footprint and sustain your local farming community!

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