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Bonnie-MoganIt takes a Village to sell a home. And the work really begins when you’ve put a contract together and open escrow. However a good Village works together laying the essential groundwork beforehand to make that escrow process go smoothly. In that regard we are a team and we are working on a common goal. The primary reason I refer clients to a lender is because I am essentially selecting someone for our “team” that I know will treat my clients like I do. They will strive to work with me to make the transaction a smooth one, be accountable and available. There is no monetary referral exchanged between us. Just the confidence in their abilities. For all of these reason I highly recommend Bonnie Mogan of iMortgage.

Bonnie has a long career in this particular industry — a plus as in our industry many lenders and realtors alike move
around quite a bit. It builds confidence to show longevity within companies and Bonnie has demonstrated that with a long career comprised of only a few well-known lending partners.imortgage_logo


(805) 234-6561
3220 S. Higuera St., Suite 103A
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Need a pre-qualification letter on a weekend? You will have Bonnie’s cell phone number in hand. Need her to meet with first-time home buyers to explain the “do’s and don’ts” leading up to closing a loan (don’t buy a car, don’t increase credit) — she will make the time to do so and help educate you along the way. Has it been awhile since you bought or sold and you aren’t sure what you are capable of? Let Bonnie assess your situation and give you options.

Integrity, proven track record and reliable resources are cornerstones of both Bonnie’s work ethic and that of iMortgage. They are capable of offering all of the lending tools available and then some — and in a competitive fashion with rates and closing timeframes. If you are comparing lenders or choosing your first one, I would make sure you check in with Bonnie before making a final decision!

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