Big Sur River Inn – Our Happy Place in the Woods!

Big Sur River Inn

Big Sur River Inn

I hesitate to write this post because once I do, our secret getaway … my happy place … will be revealed. However, I want it to remain successful and keep providing us with our getaway so it is with that in mind that I share the Big Sur River Inn. Just a couple hours up the road, passing scenic Cayucos, maybe after a lunch in Cambria or Ragged Point in what basically amounts to a wide spot in the road sits this Inn complete with an enormous deck overlooking the River and highlighted by my favorite feature – Adirondack Chairs in the River. It is the place where my cell phone blissfully does not ring (because service is spotty). It is the place where they know that their guests would like to lazily sit in the river with a glass of wine or cocktail so they ingeniously provide XL plastic glasses for that purpose. And did I mention that you can stay in one of their quaint cottage rooms overlooking all of this? Then you can not only fall asleep to the sounds of the river but wake up to it with breakfast on the Riverside Deck.

Big Sur River Inn

(831) 667-2700
46840 Highway One
Big Sur, CA 93920

If you prefer to have a reason to relax then head off in either direction from the Inn for numerous hikes of varying length and difficulty — with waterfalls and other fun sightseeing incentives. Or if you prefer a more Zen-like experience you can climb the steps at Nepenthe and have a nibble overlooking the breathtaking Pacific hundreds of feet below. After your calorie burn then you can return to the Inn to dip your toes in the cool river water.

Oh and before I forget, on Sundays the Inn provides an additional treat of live music on the Riverside Deck complimented by the Inn’s famous “Backyard BBQ”.

So let’s review: yummy, fresh food, live music from Zydeco to Jazz, rolling river-side lawns for lounging and playing and yes — let’s not forget those wonderful Adirondack chairs settled in the shallows of the river perfect for sipping and snoozing in the warm sunshine.  Just act like you don’t know me if you happen to spy me out on the River.

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