Seaside Painting Co. – 45 Years of Experience

Seaside LogoWith over 45 years of combined experience in Real Estate, our Team has had the opportunity to interact with many sub-contractors over the course of helping our buyers and sellers repair, upgrade and remodel their homes. We consider our referral contractors an extension of ourselves and so we are careful about who we recommend. And because of our high standards we sometimes have trouble finding a good fit. So it is always a great day when we can give a heartfelt recommendation for a recent addition to our carefully selected referral list — and Victor Beckhaus of Seaside Painting Co. has definitely made that grade!

Often in our business we are working under extreme time restrictions. We need to put the property on the market yesterday. We need to have a repair done by the end of the week — which is tomorrow. We need to fix something that happened by accident the day before close of escrow during the sellers’ move. Seaside Painting Co. came through in just that type of situation — just a week or two in order to get a new listing cleaned, staged and photographed for marketing.

Victor and his crew were out immediately for a bid. And because of the time constraint he hired additional crew members to get the job done. The bid was below competitors — but that did not mean we were getting a cut-rate final product. The job was done carefully and concisely and really made the home feel updated and improved. The owner was happy — and we were happy as well as a fresh coat of paint can go a long ways to freshening up a home and removing any negativity from the buyers’ minds as they tour the home. Fresh paint shows better, photographs better, and in many cases makes the home look and smell better.

I highly recommend Victor and the Seaside Painting Co. crew for your next painting job — they are competitive in pricing, on the spot in timing and respectful of your home and the finished product. They get our Pismo Beach Homes Team stamp of approval!

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