Shell Beach Brewhouse — open to all with a local vibe!

shellbeachbrewhouseHave you ever noticed that when you meet someone who has lived in an area for most of their life, they tend to refer to businesses, areas, restaurants and so forth by how they used to be known. Sometimes those names stick — as in Dinosaur Caves Park — I am not sure if there is any proof that Dinosaurs ever existed there however the name stuck with the location even after it was upgraded to a fully finished playground and Rotary Amphitheater.

1527 Shell Beach Road
Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Well the masterminds behind the redesign of what is now Shell Beach Brewhouse must have been aware that the building had a long and storied past. It was the previous home of Biergarten’s, Brats, Sauerkraut and Steins. Where Oktoberfest was a holiday. The kitch factor was distinctly pervasive. But what Shell Beach Village really needed was a hang-out. A place with a great bar, great small plates, and a restaurant if you wanted a more complete meal — a place where everybody DOES know  your name. And in just a couple of years they have done just that — the SB Brewhouse is a stop-off for a snack and a local Chardonnay on tap or lunch with co-workers or an evening just hanging out on the patio with the stunning glass fire pits and heaters. The dining room itself is spacious and airy feeling with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that open for ocean breezes. The bar is long and accommodates a couple dozen sippers. Additionally there are bar pass-through windows with seats on both sides and as I mentioned a lovely patio area perfect for sitting, sipping and noshing.

Now to the fare. There are over 30 beers on tap, and typically 3-4 wines as well. And it is a full bar so tons of specialty drinks as well as premium bourbons, tequilas and vodkas are available. And to compliment your preferred libation you have a wide variety of gastropub fare — from rock shrimp ceviche with house-made chicharone chips to spicy Korean beef street tacos with a ton of delicious burgers in between there is literally something for everyone. Our favs are Carne bites, Cheese Curds and Shell Beach Smashers (crispy fried smashed potatoes with butter, herbs, garlic, parmesan cheese and arugula). On the main menu the Fatback Burger is divine and caramelized three onion soup is perfect for a meal.

I think that it is equal parts the warm and inviting staff, the variety and unique food offerings and the location that lends itself to a local hang-out atmosphere with a hip new vibe making Shell Beach Brewhouse a regular stop for locals and visitors alike!

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