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landscaping_modern-e1304630853339I recently had a large hardscape project in mind on my property on the outskirts of Arroyo Grande and I was looking to give the opportunity to a local company.  Our new barn needed a driveway that would accommodate a fire truck if needed.  Hacienda Landscaping did an amazing and thorough job, including retaining walls, a French drain, a very wide driveway and boarder blocks – and they completed it all within a week!  The work they did was quick, well-built and all very professionally done.  I love looking into my back yard now.  It feels brand new and I am proud to call it mine!  I am so satisfied with the project I am here to sing their praises.

Hacienda Gardening is owned and operated by Eliseo and Betty Romero.  They have been in business since 1991 and have over 15 full time employees that they consider as family.  Eliseo prides himself on employee retention through mutual respect, longevity, loyalty and trust he has built among his employees.  They are a small business so they are very “hands on” with their clients and projects. Their business has a fleet of seven Hacienda Gardening trucks you will frequently spot around town.  They concentrate on landscaping, maintenance and their hardscape business — which has grown over the years due to the drought. The Romeros’ crew covers all of San Luis Obispo County and some of Northern Santa Barbara County.  We loved them so much we encouraged our business associate to use them for a deep clean-up of their front and back yards. It was in need of a facelift and they did an expert job sprucing up mature trees, bushes and removing a ton of weeds that had cropped up after our mild El Nino storms.

If you want to give your property a beautiful upgrade, I highly recommend Hacienda Landscaping for all your outdoor beautifying needs.  You cannot go wrong with Eliseo, Betty and their crew.  They can be reached at (805) 481-8607 or haciendagardening@att.net

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