Happy to welcome “Hapy” to Pismo Beach

For the past several months I had heard whispers here and there about a new restaurant coming to Pismo Beach. It was to fill the void next to Orchard Supply, left there when a spa retailer moved on to another location. Now I’ll admit that a strip mall restaurant isn’t usually something to get super excited about. This was different though. Being Realtors, my team and I know quite a few residents in the Pacific West development located just behind the OSH shopping center and they were hurting for a good dining option that was within walking distance. Thankfully Hapy arrived to fulfill those desires and then some.



Hapy is a mediterranean restaurant that serves up delectable food that will leave your palate wanting to order more. However, their portions are just the right size, leaving you comfortably satiated. In addition to their phenomenal cuisine, Hapy offers fabulous beers and wines on tap.



If you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy your drink then Hapy has an enormous selection of wine and craft beer to choose from. Also, If you are a cigar connoisseur they have a very impressive walk-in humidor that I have yet to experience but intend to check out the next time I’m there. So the next time you’re heading to a dinner party or bbqing for some friends, stop by and take a look at their selection. I promise you will not be disappointed.


On a final note, good food and drink are only half of the formula that makes up a great restaurant experience. The other half would be atmosphere and customer service. Here again I would give Hapy high marks. They offer indoor seating and a bar that is quite comfortable. Get a few drinks in me and I could stare at the fascinating twinkling star ceiling that covers the bar area for hours. However, My favorite part of the ambience there is the outdoor patio. It is so comfortable and private, you would never think you were sitting on a patio behind a strip mall. It was the perfect place to enjoy our wonderful central coast summer and enjoy a good beer.


In the customer service category Hapy did very well also. I will admit that my first time there I was not sure wether I should order at the bar, seat myself or wait to be seated. It turns out that I was to seat myself and they took my order from the table. My confusion was partially due to the fact that they have not had their official opening yet and are still in the process of training some staff. All of the staff they had there was busy helping other customers. Once I figured this out they were very kind and attentive and they took wonderful care of me.


In summary, I am delighted to add Hapy to my dining options in Pismo Beach and would highly recommend you give them a try as well.

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