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screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-10-58-08-amAlthough we love how HGTV has educated home sellers on how to de-clutter, amplify their curb appeal and prepare their home for optimal market position – sometimes that isn’t always as easy as it looks. The fairytale portion of those shows is when the home is “finished” and all of a sudden this flurry of fantastic stylists come with their dozens of home staging elves complete with a packed truck full of the latest furnishings and accessories and they “stage” the home. In just a few hours the home is transformed into a page out of House Beautiful Magazine… and the viewers are left to wonder “who are those elves and where do they come from?”

Well, I am about to share our secret, somewhat reluctantly, on the local elves that have made it all look just that simple for us. Introducing J and J Home Design. These two women do what (apparently) an army of people do on most home shows – and we can attribute their artful design skills to reduced marketing times on more than a few of our listings. Whether it is a multi-million dollar home with sweeping ocean views that needs a less “rustic” touch, or a slightly dated condo with an empty feel, Jessica and her partner Janet can eyeball a space and know exactly what will do the trick.

J and J Home Design


And that is tricky. Make an older home feel modern, yet cozy. Make a tired home feel fresh. Make a home with a certain “distinctive” character appeal to every buyer. Capture the latest home trends without feeling too trendy. And do it all before we need to have professional photography and introduce it to the market – for the highest and best marketing opportunities.

Positioning a home for market is an intricate and complex process. Done correctly, it is a well-choreographed plan drawn up by a professional Realtor that requires a group of service providers – contractors, home improvement specialists, landscape architects, photographers and online gurus – and now increasingly more common the home staging experts like Jessica and Janet to make that home pop and capture the right buyers eye in a reasonably short timeframe for top dollar. When it comes together it makes for a fantastic home seller experience and that is what the Pismo Beach Homes Team strives for … and we would bet our Top Dollar on J and J Home Design.

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