Virtjuice in Arroyo Grande: Locally grown, Tastefully healthy.

Locally grown juice and healthy foods business in Arroyo Grande.

Be prepared! Virtjuice in Arroyo Grande is not your every-day, mass-produced Juicing experience. When you visit you may meet up with “Rico Suave” hanging out by the “Matcha Machine” talking about his “Indian Summer.” Just kidding!  Those are really names of just three of the many amazing Superfood Smoothies Virtjuice has to offer.  Their menu is an adventure — with ingredients that drive you to understand their benefits. For example – Maca — an herbaceous biennial plant grown at high altitudes in the Andes of Peru that balances hormones, improves skin and hair and increases energy. Or Matcha — a finely powdered form of crushed green tea leaves rich in antioxidants that also boosts metabolism.


Virtjuice, a family owned business, is the brainchild of Kyle and Stacia Zirpolo who couldn’t get their four boys to eat their vegetables. Then they discovered juicing. Not only was this a way to introduce more vegetables into their lives, the side benefits were feeling healthier, and more mentally clear. The Zirpolo’s are passionate about health  — going so far as to strive to make any adjustments for dietary concerns their clients may have. “We make our own homemade/organic almond milk. All of our goods are organic, pesticide-free, and/or local. We also have a variety of organic skin care lines.” Julia points out, “And we cater to a lot of local businesses providing many products for purchase in your favorite stores.”


This thriving business makes its home in a former multi-use building at the corner of Brisco and Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande – a site that has been revived with other like-minded locally born businesses as neighbors — Sweet Pea Bakery and Ember Restaurant. The inside of Virtjuice has a warm, inviting atmosphere with wood floors and warm colors. The artistically designed menus offer a variety of fresh ingredients, great natural products for skin, natural supplements and foods.  They offer free wifi for those customers that want to take advantage of the cozy atmosphere and stay awhile to enjoy their fare. Our personal favorite Super-food Smoothie is the Indian Summer.  We love the fresh ingredients like Pineapple, Tropical Mix, Banana, Ginger, Coconut Oil, Maca, Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Coconut H2O. They also offer fresh salads, Acai Berry Bowls, juice shots and a fun kids menu. Next time you are passing through Arroyo Grande and want a tasty treat that is not only filling but makes you feel better, stop in and say hello to Stacia and Kyle at Virtjuice.



1200 East Grand Avenue
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 994.7076

Monday: 8AM – 2PM
Tuesday – Saturday: 8AM – 5PM

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