The Poke Craze Has Come to Town!

Poke is a sushi-grade seafood dish that has long been a favorite in Hawaii and is having a surge of popularity here on the mainland. Here on the Central Coast, where we have access to high-quality, fresh seafood, it’s a given that this trendy meal has finally arrived!  Poke is a great appetizer, lunch or dinner option, and can be served so many ways with so many additions.

It’s no surprise that as a result we have an abundance of new shops opening locally that focus on this dish. The first to hit South County is Poke Morro. And what do we say? De-lish. Operated similar to a Subway or Chipotle ordering format, you choose from a large or regular bowl, then a base of rice (brown or white) or salad. After choosing your portion size you are free to craft your own personal creation.

At Poke Morro, you have a variety of combinations to choose from including avocado, cilantro, cucumber, onion or crab meat before adding your protein – your choice of poke. Next, move on over to the sauce. I am in love with the spicy house which is divine! Lastly, top it off with as many as a dozen toppings ranging from edamame and fried onion to jalepeno and seaweed salad. The possibilities are simply endless.

We tried the spicy tuna, salmon and regular tuna on our two visits. Everything from the crispness of the salad, the freshness of the seafood, and the tanginess of the sauce was spot on. For just under ten dollars you can have a delicious, personalized, fresh and healthy craft-made lunch or dinner that far surpasses  those over-priced salads at other locations, and is just as fast as a fast-food restaurant without feeling guilty about putting something in your mouth that you shouldn’t.

Poke Morro also offers Pho Noodles and Ramen building stations so we have a reason to return and try something new. The ambiance is geometric and spare – clean and comfortable with a TV for surf video distractions while you dine. They also carry some delicious beverage options that we love that mix-up the usual tea-and-soda fare – La Croix sparkling water and Izzy fruit-flavored sodas to name two.

Suffice it to say we will definitely be seeing the Poke Morro folks on a regular, weekly rotation!

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