Probably one of the most popular questions I hear other than “how’s the market” is “do you have a handyman that you’d recommend?”  Our area is plentiful with some amazing contractors, but it is sometimes hard to find someone who can help with the smaller jobs. In this case I have the perfect answer in Team-Handyman. The business is adeptly covered by three contracting professionals, Paul Davis, handyman and project manager; Steven Davis, construction manager; Reginald “Reggie” Johnson, finance and administration; as well as various specialists and assistants. According to Reggie, “the team members have extensive experience in their respective disciplines.”

Team-Handyman is a division of Team-System Corp, that was established in 2018 and is licensed (#1027007) and bonded.  Their primary focus is to help sellers and realtors through the escrow period when items come up the need repair, correction or improvement. As a seller, when preparing your home for market, give Team-Handyman a call to discuss repairs and upgrades.  Reggie says, “secondarily, we focus on home remodels, whether that is in one room or the whole house”, taking on both big and small jobs.  They also take care of termite repairs and items listed on home inspection reports that need to be addressed. 

My first experience with Team-Handyman left me very satisfied. My mother has very tall ceilings in her home and one of the interior sky-light covers fell off. I called Team-Handyman and Paul Davis came out to help along with his gorgeous sidekick, a German Shepherd named Buddy. I am a fool for most dogs and immediately felt very comfortable with this handyman crew to the rescue. Paul set up a very tall ladder and popped that cover right back in making the skylight the way it should be. I am very happy to have Team-Handyman’s number readily available to call whenever one of my clients or myself has a looming repair that needs to be fixed.  If you have a whole “honey-do” list you have been sitting on, just hoping you had someone to help, stop hoping, you do, it’s Team-Handyman.  Contact Reggie at (805) 668-4400 or email

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