Local Landscape Photography by Michael Ambrose

This winter, on our way to Yosemite, my family stayed at the world-renowned Tenaya Lodge. On a side note — this grand hotel in our own backyard is so well-known they welcome guests from all over the world — and will be the subject of a future blog post so stay-tuned. Anyhow, Tenaya Lodge has selected the incredible photographs of Michael Ambrose out of all the potential possibilities as their featured art throughout the hotel. The halls are lined with Ambrose’s photographic perspective on the natural beauty of Yosemite – making the inside of the Lodge almost as breathtaking as the setting outside.

By happenstance, during our visit, I was fortunate enough to meet Michael Ambrose and learn more about his craft and background. What a delight to find out that Michael’s first dip into the photography world started as a hobby while living on the Central Coast and attending Cal Poly!

Although Michael now sells his photographs of beautiful landscapes from all over the world, his love for capturing these breathtaking images began on his weekend trips spent exploring our local California state park, Montana De Oro. He shared with me that although he no longer lives on the Central Coast, it is still one of his favorite places to visit. I was thrilled to meet an artist that sees the true treasure in this place I call home.

Along with the art on display at the Tenaya Lodge, Michael’s stunning photographs can also be found on his website, MichaelAmbrose.com. The images he manages to capture bring the peace and tranquility of our central coast landscape to whatever space you choose to hang them in.

If you would like to know more about Michael or would like to purchase some of his art, I would love to get you in contact with him! Call Jordan at (805) 801-3660 or email at jordanhamm@kw.com.

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