Take Care of Yourself This Year – Get a Massage by Christel O’Rourke

During the holiday season, I had the opportunity to schedule a therapeutic massage with Christel O’Rourke. It was simply the best thing I could have done for myself to unwind and relax during the “most wonderful time of the year.” I called Christel to set up my massage. At the time, she had a “Therapeutic Mobile Massage” business – coming to clients in their home or business. We have some rambunctious rescue dogs at home – not the ideal location to release my stress – so I asked Christel if she could come to my office on a Sunday where it would be relatively quiet. She quickly turned my office into a Zen retreat complete with aroma therapy and her very comfortable mobile table. Toxins and tension were released and I could soon feel the healing effects of the 90 minutes session which included Reiki. 

Christel and I met two years ago when I helped her family find a home as they relocated from the San Diego area. I was impressed to find out that prior to becoming a mom, Christel had worked as an Army Medic. Such a mild-mannered and unassuming woman in such a risky and demanding profession! So brave  — she was instantly my new hero! 

Christel discovered her love of massage over 30 years ago when she had her first session. The experience moved her and she was inspired to want to help others feel the same way through massage therapy and energy work. Christel believes that massage is so much more than working on muscles for pain relief. She believes there is a true mind, body and spiritual connection being made and it’s wonderful to assist others in connecting with themselves once again. You can see Christel’s passion for healing as displayed in her Mission Statement:

Christel’s mission is to provide intuitive quality care for clients and to be a collaborative partner in their healing journey by evaluating and listening to their needs and concerns. Her goals and intentions are to provide a well-rounded therapeutic massage utilizing modalities that best serve the individual body, mind and spirit. 

Since my massage, Christel has moved her practice to a studio which allowed her to expand her healing practice to incorporate more modalities like hot stones. Her space is now located at “Kindred  – A Beauty Collective” in Avila Beach where she is their permanent massage therapist. I can’t wait to schedule future sessions with Christel in this new space. Christel explains the benefits of massage here:


  • Increase circulation
  • Increase Lymph Flow
  • Increase or decrease in blood pressure
  • Decrease in pain
  • Assists with decreasing insomnia
  • Decrease muscle tension


  • Mental Clarity
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Sedative/Stimulatory effects to the mind
  • Improve body awareness
  • Emotional release
  • Nurturing effect

Do something good for yourself and book your time of healing with Christel. I highly recommend incorporating massage into your wellness care. The benefits are immeasurable for both your physical and mental health. 

Kindred – A Beauty Collective, 310 Front Street, Suite B & C, Avila Beach, Ca 93424


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