Give Your Car the Love it Deserves with Monarch Mobile Auto Detail

My car tends to be my office most days and being always “on the go” does not give me much time to keep it in tip top shape. So, it was a huge relief to find someone to return it to new and client-ready! Timing was right and three Pismo Beach Homes Team members had the opportunity to put Josh Chastain’s detail wizardry to work of late. Josh is the owner and operator of Monarch Auto Detail. We are all very satisfied with his ability to bring our “lived in” cars back to, showroom-quality, new cars in just a few hours!

Josh puts a lot of pride into his work in auto detailing.  He brings all of his equipment to you to easily get the job done at your home or office. My carpets had a dusting off just about everything — Christmas Tree needles, dog hair and glitter, all of which have disappeared. Now my car feels like it did when I first drove it off the lot.

Josh is a native of the Central Coast and has been car detailing for many years, growing his business through word-of-mouth.  When I asked him about his work he responded:

“I love being able to offer a needed service to my community.  Car detailing is such rewarding work because there is instant satisfaction of a job well done, transformation and connection with people.”

Josh and his wife, Audrey, have been married for five years.  Their growing family includes two daughters, Eliana and Navah with one more child on the way. Josh added:

“I love good food, wine, excellent company and lively conversation.”

He is passionate about people, hearing their stories and living life to the fullest.

If your car is beyond a simple vacuum and you want that “new-car-feel” again, set up an appointment with Josh.  He details both interior and exterior.  All of our team members are extremely pleased with the results of our cars and we are so happy we met Josh.  We will be using him again and highly recommend him to all our friends.

Call or text Josh at (805) 286-7334 or check out his Facebook page at

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