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I have run several half marathons in recent years – and even a full marathon many years ago. I am fairly consistent when I am on a good streak – however, I alternate walking intervals with running and as a result, I always thought of myself as a hobby runner or novice by comparison to the folks you see regularly running marathons and going for their “PR”.

Because of my amateur mindset, I have to admit that I don’t always recognize when my shoes are in need of updating – until it is probably too late. Years ago I did discover Running Warehouse, and they helped identify my running style – I am a toe-first runner so I can tend to develop shin splints easily. I also supinate. All good things to know when spending over $100 on a good pair of trainers.

But this past year I gained a new and deeper appreciation for the experts at Running Warehouse. While their showroom is small, and they do most of their sales online, the representatives they have to assist you are experts in their field, and really listen. A few months back I brought in my tired training shoes. The showroom was a mob scene so I basically said I liked the shoes I had, and wanted to get the same ones again. Unfortunately, the shoe had been redesigned and while it was lighter, it was also much too narrow for my foot. I went home and for the next several months tried to convince myself that the shoes just needed to be broken in … that it was me … that I was lacing them too tight … or not wearing them enough to get used to them. I even thought that maybe I was just too accustomed to the broken-in feel of my old pair.

Finally, when January rolled around and I had some new resolve to get out and train again, I decided to bring my nearly-new shoes back into Running Warehouse and have a conversation with someone about my shoe pain. As it turns out, the shoe was not a good design for my high arches, my wide feet, or my supination. The sales rep immediately brought out two options – admitting that they would be ever-so-slightly heavier (in terms of ounces) but would be a better overall fit. Oh my heaven the difference was immediate. The shoe did not feel heavier (even if it was) and seemed bouncier while allowing my toes room! I could walk without my foot going numb! Amazing!

The best part? I fully expected to pay for the new pair because I had waited so long – but instead, they looked me up in the computer and gave me a straight exchange – no charge! Plus a new running hat! Amazing customer service experience. I will be a life-long customer and promise to come in more often, replacing my shoes before they are falling off my feet … or maybe I need some trail runners! Hmmmmm…

So, let’s face it. You’re bored … you’re “sheltering at home”, and you need something to do? Go online and buy some shoes and get out there! Hiking, walking, running on the beach are all allowed as we abide by the County-wide mandate. So get some tips from the folks at Running Warehouse and a new pair of kicks and get out of the house!

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