Valentine’s Day Isn’t Complete Without Sheila Kearns Chocolate & Confections

Yes, food is fuel. Sustenance. It’s what fires our engines for the day. Keeps us going. But food is also an experience. And the experience you will have with Sheila Kearns Luxury Chocolates is like no other.

If you have a chocolate connoisseur in your life – or you are one – then this is a must-stop. Not only are they beautifully crafted confections, in a gorgeous boutique store setting, these carefully crafted chocolates are created with detail inside and out.

Consisting of only four to seven whole foods ingredients means you can really taste the nuances of each delectable piece. From Lemon Curd, to Hibiscus (with an actual hibiscus flower inside) to Mocha Truffle and Cinnamon Roll – there are as many as 30 flavor profiles.

So, as you consider what you might surprise your Valentine with this month of love, pay a visit to the shop on Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo and take a few minutes to consider all of the unique options – individually packed boxes, or glittering metallic-brushed chocolate bars … or even try something totally unique – sipping chocolate!

Just as a final bonus, Sheila Kearns chocolates include organic, soy lecithin free, gluten free, ethically sourced, vegan options, no fillers, no additives and eco friendly packaging. Delicious and good for the heart, soul and planet!

Visit their website here: Sheila Kearns Chocolates & Confections

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