Great Eats in Los Osos – The Olde Ale House

If you are ready to grab a great bite out and try somewhere new to eat, check out the Olde Ale House in Los Osos! Located next to Rexall’s on Los Osos Valley Road on the way to Montana De Oro State Park, this is the perfect stop for a local beer after a long hike.

As a local who likes to support as many businesses in Los Osos as I can, I was glad to see The Olde Ale House finally opened after covid-19 hit. My husband and I watched (pre-covid) as the renovations began – only for it all to halt during the pandemic.

The restaurant is run so smoothly, you would never guess it was started by twin sisters who have never previously owned or operated any type of food operation before! The atmosphere and the family who all work together is a real treat. It’s clear that sisters Cathy & Cris Stratford, along with their family members, Bill, Alle and Amelia Marvin, have put a lot of effort in to making this place warm and inviting, and they hit the mark!

You will feel just as at home as I do from the moment you walk through the doors! It’s hard where to decide to sit as there are so many different areas with seating. A cozy sofa area where they have a variety of vinyl records to play greets you at the main entrance, there are tables galore on the outdoor patio where you can sit with your four-legged friends or sit at an outdoor bar and watch as people enjoy playing corn-hole.

It may be hard to choose which beverage to have due to their large selection of local beers and wines. Even harder, the food, which is to die for!

On my first visit, my husband and I ordered the mac n cheese with bacon & jalapenos, cobb salad and the impossible tacos, which are all incredible. Our meals were so impressive I invited my co-worker, Melissa, who jumped at the chance of getting out for an early evening treat!

The weather was so nice we settled at the indoor bar facing outside so we could watch the locals enjoying the day. The warm breeze and the “Juicy” beer from BHBC, was so refreshing. Melissa forced me to share the “Adult Grilled Cheese Sandwich” with a side of macaroni salad. I say forced jokingly, as we both devoured this sandwich so fast, we stopped talking! Melissa was the first to claim this was the most delicious sandwich she has ever had, and I would have to agree hand’s down! With Bree cheese and a home-made apricot jam, I have never known a grilled cheese like it.

Next time you are in Los Osos, don’t miss this gem of an Ale House. Come eat where the locals do, and don’t forget to tell the family I sent you!

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