Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic now offers GROOMING!

Exciting news! Our favorite Veterinary Clinic has expanded services in the past six months and added a seasoned GROOMER! Local groomer Sarah has joined the team, offering compassionate grooming that coincides with your pet’s particular needs.

In the case of our dog “Talley-Girl,” Sarah immediately noted that she suffers from extreme skin allergies and requires specialized shampoo. I was so impressed with Sarah, who also addressed our fur baby’s coat by thinning her fur to allow more air to penetrate through to her skin. She made sure to give Talley an ear wash as she frequently suffers from ear infections (as noted by our vet history) – and then also did all the normal things from nails to other more delicate grooming tasks.

For our first visit, Talley received a generous welcome goodie bag with toys and treats plus a jaunty bandana. Sarah even called to remind us we were due for a visit six weeks later! That is a huge bonus for this busy fur-baby mom!

Not only are Sarah’s services stellar, but the clinic has a great drop-off point for parking and leaving your pooch – all in the open air and safe! We highly recommend her and her stream-lined services!

Pismo Beach Veterinary Hospital offers full grooming services from Wednesday to Saturday. Grooming services include nail trims, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and full body clips. They also offer sedated clips for animals with special behavioral issues and medicated soaks for pups with skin conditions. Sarah has eight years of experience with grooming animals, six of which are working directly with a veterinary practice.

If you are in need of a good grooming experience for your pet, Sarah has seen it all and is ready to handle any grooming situation!


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