A Special Twist Gymnastics – An Inclusive Gym Designed for Exceptional Children!

Do you have children here on the Central Coast? Looking for a great space for them to play, explore, learn and get active? A Special Twist Gymnastics is an amazing, unique place for kids of all ages holding open gym sessions for tots, as well as classes for older kiddos.

Amber Pinon, the owner of A Special Twist Gymnastics, was born and raised here on the Central Coast. For as long as she can remember she has had a passion for helping children with special needs. She has had many opportunities over the years to work with amazing kids of all abilities, both through in-home therapy sessions and in the gym as a special needs gymnastics coach.

Having a younger brother with Down Syndrome and Autism was the beginning of Amber’s fueled love and energy, for children, specially with special needs. She told me “Having children of my own has taught me so much about the way children see our World. Every child is special, and every child has their own uniqueness.”

Amber’s fifteen-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome (a neurological disorder), when she was seven years old. 

“She is amazing and in no way lets her diagnoses define her, but it does sometimes bring daily challenges, challenges that are unique from my other children. It may be something like not wanting to go somewhere because there are too many people, maybe too much noise, or just not feeling it.” This is what helped birth the idea of “A Special Twist Gymnastics.”

A gym that’s just a little different and very special. Gymnastics has always been a huge part of their family’s life. Amber competed as a child and her kids have spent most of their lives in a gym. They are proud to now have a family gym that operates as a family! For many years Amber had a vision and is joyful to have finally seen it come to fruition!  

My daughter has loved coming here since she could walk and jump around. She loves the trampolines, the ball pit, the rock wall, and swinging around on the bars. They are always adding new things, keeping it fresh and exciting. Now her little sister is crawling around after her and going to A Special Twist Gymnastics open gym sessions are our favorite days! Plus, as a busy working mom, they take the best naps afterwards! I have also met some amazing Mom friends as well. I have to hand it to Amber, she has created a fantastic gathering place, with her own children always out on the floor helping and playing with all the members! As a parent it’s one of the best places to take young kids on the central coast!

A Special Twist Gymnastics – An inclusive gym designed for Exceptional children! 

Say’s Amber “We have built the first gym on the Central Coast Created for kids of all abilities! We are excited to be an inclusive program, where everyone is welcome, and everyone thrives!” 

A Special Twist Gymnastics is located at 232 Front Street in Grover Beach, and they also book birthday parties and special events. For more information give them a call at (805) 234-0758 or go to their website A Special Twist Gymnastics


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