Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Happy Holidays! From the Pismo Beach Homes Team

It’s that time of year when the weather starts turning colder, we start making plans for the holidays ahead, look back at all that we’ve accomplished throughout the year, and remember all that we are thankful for in this world. It’s in this reflection that we start getting excited for all the holiday traditions that have been carried down through generations, as well as those made new by our ever-changing circumstances. We, the Pismo Beach Homes team, wanted to take some time to share our holiday traditions with each other, and with you — our loyal friends, neighbors, and readers. As you read through them, please consider reaching out to share your favorite family traditions with us!

Figgy Pudding

My holiday traditions are largely from my mother’s side. Her side is very English, with her generation being the first born outside of the UK. So our Holiday Traditions include things likethe “Figgy Pudding” that is mentioned in the song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. This is a sweet pudding that traditionally contains coins, a thimble and a metal button. It is covered with a “hard sauce” that has brandy in it and you light it on fire. The guest who receives a coin or coins is going to be prosperous in the new year, the button is indicating a bachelor and the thimble a spinster. Additionally we have “Christmas Crackers” or “Poppers” at each place setting. They are everywhere now but when I was a kid my moms used to have to order them — they are a package/tube beautifully decorated and you pull the ends and a small cap explodes with prizes inside like a paper crown to wear and a small game to play along with a joke or a prediction for the New Year! –Ashlea Boyer, Team Leader/CEO and Realtor®

We have carried on my mother-in-law’s family Thanksgiving tradition. Each family member says what they’re thankful for before we sit down to eat our Thanksgiving meal. –Jill Copsey, Buyer’s Agent and Realtor®

I love cooking and spending time with the kids and family, which both promote the other. For many years now, I’ve taken pride in finding the perfect turkey, brining it, and then on the morning of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I start smoking the turkey bright and early. It’s so delectable and juicy, really a crowd favorite. (Mom’s turkey is still the best). The highlight of our holiday season is the music, the weather and the gratitude we all have for each other and everything we have and give! –JR Garcia, Buyer’s Agent and Realtor®

Christmas is my favorite holiday. In my hometown, where the seasons change distinctly, Christmas is always accompanied by a blanket of snow. It’s always my favorite time of the year, and we would go out to walk in the city, holding each other’s hand while sipping warm cocoa. Now, since I live in California, snow is almost never going to happen during this time of the year. So, I’ve created a new tradition: buying a new ornament for my Christmas tree every year. –Elaine Cui, Buyer’s Agent and Realtor®

My favorite holiday tradition would have to be either Secret Santa with the family, or when we get together at the dinner table for an amazing and quiet yummy feast to end off the holidays. –Jens Tamborra, Buyer’s Agent and Realtor®

Every year my husband and I can’t wait for the Christmas tree lot to open so we can pick out the fluffiest 10-foot Christmas tree. Then we wrestle to bring it in the house just to figure out it wasn’t cut quite straight, causing us to lug it back outside to try to straighten it out before bringing it back in. Then we turn the yule log holiday music channel on the TV, sip some hot cocoa, and take turns climbing the ladder to get the ornaments all the way to the top! –Jennifer Gaddis, Executive Assistant and Realtor®


When I think of the holidays, I think of all of the magical sights, sounds, and FOOD. Our favorite family holiday food is the traditional Danish pancakes, Aebelskivers. Aebelskivers have been a tradition for my family for as long as I can remember, and I love that I’m passing it on to my children. With three growing boys, the amount of “ball pancakes” needed to fill their tummies each Christmas morning has increased to the point where I bought an extra pan this last year. The Central Coast is home to a charming town that has many restaurants that serve these unique Danish delicacies. Solvang, CA is a quaint Danish inspired town, where you will find wine tasting, traditional Danish bakeries, and incredible shopping (including places to purchase Aebelskiver pans). –Jordan Hamm, Buyer’s Agent and Realtor®

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