Amazing Floral Design in Grover Beach

I first discovered Amanda by seeing her designs at the Dolphin Bay Resort … but did not really understand the full scope of her talent until I saw her beautiful arrangements for a charitable event that I attended. I was so in love with one of her donated arrangements that I ended up bidding on it to give to my mom as a thank you and proudly took it home. To this day she still talks about that arrangement being her favorite floral gift ever!

Although I have no training in this field, I know what I like, and the designs Amanda comes up with are truly unique, combining elements like sea shells, along with sustainable items like twisty bamboo stalks and succulents. We saved the bamboo from the arrangement my husband ordered for Valentine’s Day and I still have it displayed in my home! Mom has a succulent from the Valentine bouquet my dad ordered for her which also included her favorites — Stargazer Lilies — but in a way that we had never seen before! What I really like is the use of alternative containers — not just the usual plain clear vase. Really interesting holders with low profiles or striking colors.

I’ve also seen her “outside-the-box” approach to the sometimes ho-hum traditional tuxedo staple — the boutonniere. Using small seashells and other unexpected items, they were truly striking. I am sure that her knack for combining natural elements would be really fresh and fun for any event, intimate or extravagant. She truly has an eye for the extraordinary and I am looking forward to taking a design class from her on April 20! Can’t wait!

Shell Beach Floral Design

(805) 474-9710
260 W Grand
Grover Beach, CA 93433

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