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Our history with Colleen goes back to our engagement photos! Interviewing photographers, there was an immediate connection. Almost ten years later, we have asked her to document our engagement, wedding, parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, business photos for both my husband, myself, and my mom, and most recently family photos of my entire local family that we used for our most recent Holiday cards. I have referred her countless times for weddings, business — you name it!

So now I have to tell you why … Colleen is probably the only person I know who truly LOVES her work. In fact, if she’s humming, she’s happy and she usually hums the entire time she’s shooting. And the comment about her event photography is SO true — you won’t even know that she’s there. She had so much fun shooting our wedding that I think she stayed longer than even she had anticipated. Her photo of me placing the ring on my husband’s finger was as though she was standing between us — and she was at the back of our entire audience. AMAZING! She captures the moments you didn’t even remember and I frequently return to all of our event photos just to be transported back to those moments. She is funny, smart, SO talented and an artist.

And the business head-shots? Well, I guess you can decide for yourself. Let’s just say I usually get compliments for a year or more when I update my photos. She will be my family historian until she stops shooting photos… which I hope will never happen. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to see my wedding or engagement photos on our Flickr.

Colleen Rosenthal Photography

(805) 541-4304
3737 Sequoia Drive,
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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