Doughboy’s Pizzeria in Grover Beach

Growing up on the Central Coast, we’ve had our share of Pizza Places come and go … but in the past few years there hadn’t really been one that stood out from the crowd. Then one night when Gather Wine Bar was just getting started — maybe even during her “Soft Opening” — Kari ordered one of Doughboy’s XXXL table-top pies for a treat for our group. And W-O-W were we in LOVE!!

First of all, in the world of artisan “pizzettas” on every restaurant appetizer menu, I am well aware that size does not matter. However, what is absolutely amazing is that Doughboy’s can make a pizza that is easily 3/4 the size of my dining room table — and it is DELICIOUS.

I agree with one of their customers that you can literally put their sauce on anything and it tastes better. For the traditionalists in my family, we typically can all agree on their “Combo” which has the usual — ham, sausage, pepperoni, onions, olives and bell pepper. But what sets it apart from the rest is the vine-ripened tomatoes. Yum — and something I’ve never seen before. They end up cooked to perfection, and perfectly compliment the fantastic red sauce.

I have had the opportunity to “color outside the lines” with their “Pesto Chicken” as well — excellent pesto sauce, roasted chicken, feta cheese and again, vine-ripened tomatoes. Truly different and yummy as well.

Salads are also fabulous — particularly the Greek. And don’t miss the bruschetta and the home-made bread sticks.

If you prefer a nice glass of something while you enjoy your slice, Doughboy’s has an impressive wine and beer selection — for just a little place nestled in the heart of Grover Beach, it is unexpected!

Another great feature that is appreciated by my gluten-intolerant friends is the gluten-free menu Doughboy’s offers. From appetizers to salads to Pizza itself! A welcome find for many who had thought they would never have a slice again!

So when you want a pizza that is made with care, crafted from the freshest ingredients, with taste and quality in mind, then give Doughboy’s Pizzeria and Trattoria a call or stop by.

Doughboy’s Pizzeria

1800 Grand Ave, #N
Grover Beach, CA 93433

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