MoJoe Termite in Grover Beach

As a real estate team with a combined 33 years of service on the Central Coast, we have gathered a team of trusted inspectors, contractors, escrow and lending professionals. Although sometimes we are compelled to use another company by a request from the other side of a transaction, it only serves to solidify in our minds why we return time and again to Joe Swiontek at MoJoe Termite. He and his wife Lisa run a very professional and friendly business, providing superior service and consultation for our team and our clients.

In an industry with perpetually changing requirements, and pests that love our climate and location here on the Central Coast, it is common to have pest inspections as a standard part of every escrow. What sets Joe apart is his ability to accommodate our often hectic deadlines and his thorough and timely return of his written findings.

Sellers (and buyers) are often very nervous about this step in the process… particularly if the home is more than ten years old. Who knows what hidden infestations or dry rot lurk in attics or behind fascia? Joe is awesome when it comes to the customer service side of this business — unusual when it comes to folks who specialize in this area — in that he is more than happy to explain his findings not only to the realtors involved, but directly to the clients. His inspections are thorough — and honest. His bids are extremely competitive — typically beating the other local companies.

I thoroughly enjoy supporting other small business owners — however typically they do not have the experience to understand customer service, nor are they able to price competitively. I am happy to refer MoJoe as one of our trusted affiliates, and confident that you will be as satisfied with their service, expertise and advice as we repeatedly are.

MoJoe Termite

1445 Grand Ave, Suite A
Grover Beach, CA 93433


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