Sister Kitchen Thai Food in Grover Beach

There aren’t many restaurants that take a break during the holidays and go on holiday themselves… and there aren’t many restaurants that when they do take a break make my grown husband cry. It was so bad I even drove by during their break once to make sure they hadn’t returned early. This is what Ladda of Sister Kitchen has done to us. We can’t imagine a month without her restaurant’s food — or quite possibly even a week!

I first heard about this restaurant from Teri Bayus and promptly brought my mother in for lunch. The service was great, the atmosphere unlike any other in our area. It was like a tiny Thai Diner from a big city had been picked up and dropped in the middle of the little beach town of Grover Beach!

The kitchen is the centerpiece of this eatery, with the intricate choreography of the seasoned (no pun intended) chefs as your entertainment. The surrounding restaurant is filled with cozy two-tops and comfy, softly-lit booths.

I had my favorite — red curry with beef — and ordered it “medium.” Everything was perfect — right down to the Jasmine rice. Perfectly creamy sauce, tender beef, fresh veggies and herbs and rice cooked to perfection.

I have since made every excuse under the sun to have all business lunches there — seriously addicted to that curry. But when my husband was suffering from a very bad cold in October I took him in for Tom Ka Soup — the spiciest he could handle. This should truly be listed as a “home remedy” for congestion. The soup tastes fantastic — unlike many other home remedies — and it had him feeling better by bedtime. Additionally we have their amazing fresh spring rolls, and my husband has a deep affection for their Shrimp Pad Thai.

They have all of the components of a restaurant to love — Fresh Ingredients, Amazing Service, Clean and Urban Environment, Fun Open Kitchen and a great Chef! Now can someone please tell them never to leave again?

Sister Kitchen

(805) 471-1436
245 West Grand Avenue
Grover Beach, CA 93433

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