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Justin and I first had the opportunity to get to know one another while he was working with another company within our office in Pismo Beach. He started with what appeared to be no leads from his parent company and not only won over the realtors working all around him, but simultaneously went out and made extensive ties to the real estate community outside of our doors. This proved a great deal in my mind about Justin’s tenacity, as many lenders who had come before him had complained that the relationship to our office limited who would work with them outside of our office. Not so with Justin.

While I had tried to refer Justin several leads, the market was still struggling and we had not made a connection. Finally, I had a file with a crisis and very long-term clients who were pushed to the point where they were going to give up. I threw the file to Justin who deftly maneuvered the mindfield of angry, frustrated clients, unusual out-of-country circumstances and many other factors that would clog a normal loan to the potential point of failure. On the other side of just over 30 days we had happy clients with a place to retire to when they return from assignment in Venezuela.

I know that my reputation with this long-time clients hinged on the hail mary rescue Justin managed to pull off. Since then those same clients have written a glowing review for me, contacted Justin for a re-finance and are referring both of us business and future clients. It was definitely a win-win all the way around.

I have had the opportunity to refer a few clients since that saved file and I am very pleased to report that Justin continues to grow and expand his toolkit of client and loan service skills, as he builds a solid career and reputation in our community and I look forward to a long relationship with him in business going forward!

Justin Stearns

(805) 757-0544

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