Rooster Creek Tavern

Rooster Creek Tavern in Arroyo GrandeI have to admit that while I scrolled through some of the reviews for Rooster Creek, I found myself nodding my head in agreement… some were spot-on.

I will say that the service left much to be desired in the beginning, however they seemed to have listened to the feedback and have made adjustments — now instead of a purely “zone” style service approach it is all about whichever wait staff/bus staff/bartender is open attending to the customer needs — big improvement! The bar staff are really the stars — amazingly attentive and fantastic customer service when you sit in the bar.

But like the rest of the local reviewers, I’ve been waiting for an alternative eating establishment in the Village. Aside from a well-worn Italian restaurant and some yummy appetizers and light menus we really were lacking a full restaurant that
boasts a bar. So I am happy to report that Rooster Creek is doing a fine job of sliding into that vacancy.

The food you ask? I would honestly say that 80% of the menu that I’ve tried so far has been delish and I would order again. My mom absolutely LOVED the crab cakes and would order again and again if they hadn’t rotated them off the menu for another seasonal dish. She will look forward to their return. I have really loved their Caprese salad — delectable fresh Mozzarella chilled to perfection, crowned with fresh basil and drizzled with a syrupy balsamic — all served with crispy crostini. My husband LOVES their fried chicken — but be warned that it is only available at lunch. I would encourage them to think about a Fried Chicken Plate for dinner — we would turn into regulars. I have loved their Portabello Sandwich — tender and juicy. I would pass on the Mac and Cheese however — it tends to be bland and a bit inconsistent in the creaminess — sometimes perfect and sometimes soupy — for what is meant to be classic home-cooked Mac. Disappointing as it is usually a standby for me when I can’t choose. The steak salad is also a winner and I would also recommend their house fries as they seem fresh-cut and are cooked to crispy perfection. I have to admit I am still searching for an artisan pizza I will repeat — the Grilled Veggie – Goat Cheese – Roasted Garlic
pizza had an overwhelming taste of Vinegar. Possibly the veggies had been marinated in Balsamic too long — but it was acidic to the taste. And don’t miss the Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan Cheese, Capers and Olive Oil — a very well constructed dish with excellent presentation.

Throughout the initial hiccups, we applaud the management and their direction of the staff to learn and grow — and as a result we have become regulars. Maybe this Rooster just needs to take a cue from its’ namesakes in the Village — find the dishes to really crow about and then they will quickly convert all of their first-timers to regulars like us!

Rooster Creek Tavern

(805) 489-2509
200 East Branch
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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