Walrus Window Washing

Nothing sells a house like a spectacular view — and nothing distracts from that fantastic attribute than dingy windows. That’s why it is critical that a Realtor have in her arsenal of referral resources a skilled and professional window washer. Dwayne makes the windows literally disappear!

Extremely detail-oriented, he attacks each job with gusto and leaves both the exterior and interior sparkling and with no trace that a window washer has been toiling away there. Clients afraid of white carpeting or stains on window sills? Not with Dwayne.

We most recently called him on an emergency while staging one of our vacation home listings that had become a little shabby around the edges with lack of use. A giant mirror hanging in the two story front foyer would have made an excellent accent piece and focal point if not for the thick layer of dust. In a panic as to how to get up to it and clean it we thought of Dwayne. He squeezed it in between jobs and in a jiffy had made the mirror go from drab to fab. The resulting reflection of the chandelier made the entire living area just POP!

I love it when I can confidently recommend a reliable professional who does a great job and Dwayne does more than fit that bill! And maybe you will even find your windows showcased on his Facebook page when he highlights his latest sparkling job well done!

Walrus Window Washing

(805) 574-0241
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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