Surfside Donuts

logo20Maple Bacon, Strawberry Clam Shell, Dirt Surf, Salted Caramel, Spiced Chai, Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries. What on earth am I talking about? Why fresh-made daily gourmet donuts of course — and in downtown Pismo Beach no less!

The Strawberry Clam Shell donut made with fresh local O’kui strawberries. Cap’n Crunch is of course topped with the famous cereal. Maple Bacon — a maple glaze donut topped with fresh bacon chunks (to die for). And my favorite — the salted caramel with fresh sea salt flakes — literally melts in your mouth. And of course the old stand-by’s — sprinkles, twists, donut holes are all made fresh every morning

Surfside Donuts

603 Dolliver St.
Pismo Beach, CA 933449

The owners of Surfside Donuts say downtown Pismo was lacking a donut shop — and so they decided to fill that “hole” so to speak — and what a scrumptious filler they have created! Quite obviously they were correct because they frequently sell out. That’s right. No donuts for you! They also feature a premium coffee from Stumptown Coffee if you miss out — So head on down and take advantage of their free parking! That’s right you heard me — FREE PARKING!!

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