Surfside Donuts

logo20Maple Bacon, Strawberry Clam Shell, Dirt Surf, Salted Caramel, Spiced Chai, Cap’n Crunch with Crunch Berries. What on earth am I talking about? Why fresh-made daily gourmet donuts of course — and in downtown Pismo Beach no less!

The Strawberry Clam Shell donut made with fresh local O’kui strawberries. Cap’n Crunch is of course topped with the famous cereal. Maple Bacon — a maple glaze donut topped with fresh bacon chunks (to die for). And my favorite — the salted caramel with fresh sea salt flakes — literally melts in your mouth. And of course the old stand-by’s — sprinkles, twists, donut holes are all made fresh every morning

Surfside Donuts

603 Dolliver St.
Pismo Beach, CA 933449

The owners of Surfside Donuts say downtown Pismo was lacking a donut shop — and so they decided to fill that “hole” so to speak — and what a scrumptious filler they have created! Quite obviously they were correct because they frequently sell out. That’s right. No donuts for you! They also feature a premium coffee from Stumptown Coffee if you miss out — So head on down and take advantage of their free parking! That’s right you heard me — FREE PARKING!!

Ashlea Boyer

Ashlea Boyer: Is a native of Pismo Beach, having moved here from South Lake Tahoe when she was just four years old. An Alumni of Arroyo Grande High School, she then attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating with a degree in English Literature. After college, she spent 5 successful years working her way up to Management Editor of a national fitness magazine in Southern California, working for two of the three largest West Coast publishing houses. Ashlea return to the Central Coast for her wedding and stayed raise her family. She joined the family business in 2004 and began leading the Pismo Beach Homes Team with her Mother, Kathi Foster in real estate. Ashlea has been a leading real estate agent in the Pismo Beach area for 10 years, and has developed a strong client following in the area based on her dedication to our community and outstanding customer service. Our team, The Pismo Beach Homes Team, has been awarded the Quadruple Gold level awards consistently over the past 5 years with Keller Williams Realty. She has been named more than once as the "Agent of the Quarter". In 2011, Ashlea was presented with the "Top 20 Under 40" award by the San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation for my professional excellence and profound commitment to the community. Ashlea lives in Arroyo Grande, California with her husband and son and she enjoy running on the beach, volunteering, pilates, snowboarding and the occasional scuba diving. She's active in many industry, community service and non-profit organizations and serves on the board of the Rotary Club of Pismo Beach, the Clark Center for the Performing Arts, and other community non-profit organizations. 

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