As the song goes, Rain is a good thing – and boy do we know it here on the Central Coast. We spent most of the last five years wondering why the rain seemed to just skip or pass us by – but thankfully this season we have been blessed with a relative deluge, refilling our lakes and reservoirs and allowing us to breathe a small sigh of relief.

With rain, however, issues that have gone undetected over these dry years – roof, window, drainage and related items – are uncovered. And with that you may find yourself in need of a solid stucco contractor. If you think about it, stucco is an art – it’s not only your home’s protective outer layer but also it’s attractive exterior. Our family has a long history with Phipps Stucco – and for those smaller projects second-generation plasterer-lather Clay Phipps is your man!



805 – 471 – 3179

Clay has decades of experience and recently we had a first-hand need. We needed four patches on our 25 year old stucco at our home – and we all know this can be extraordinarily challenging! Amazingly the color match is almost undetectably close. We highly recommend you call Clay Phipps if you are in need of some plaster/stucco/lathe work! 

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