There are so many wonderful things to enjoy around Pismo Beach — and so many are free to the public. Not the least of which is the Monarch Butterfly Grove on the border of Grover and Pismo Beach — have you ever been?  The Grove is really easy to get to — right off of Highway 1 at the Southern End of The City of Pismo Beach. The grove is open daily — weather permitting — from 10am-4pm with guided talks taking place from 11am-2pm during the season lasting from October to February.


Visit the grove and view thousands of these beautiful, vibrant orange and black butterflies hanging heavy on the limbs of the eucalyptus and Monterey Pine trees.  These butterflies cluster together in a shingle fashion with one on top of the other to create warmth for each other and help protect each other from winds and storms. These butterflies fly from as far away as Canada to seek the warmth that Pismo has to offer during the Fall and Winter.




Pismo’s butterfly colony is one of the largest in our nation averaging 25,000 butterflies each year over the last five years. The Pismo Monarchs are unique in that they have a six-month-long lifespan as opposed to other monarchs that only live about six weeks.   This longer lifespan is attributed to their unique fat storing system.

Pismo Buttlerfly Grove

These monarch colonies span from Central and Southern California through to Mexico.  Scientists believe that the butterflies are genetically equipped with a natural homing instinct to make new butterflies return to these areas year after year.  If you enjoy nature and want to see something truly impressive, I highly suggest you visit the Pismo Monarch Butterfly Grove.


You have a great opportunity to visit and take park in their yearly celebration early February at the California Western Monarch Day on February 4th from 10am-4pm.  There will be educational booths and art activities planned for children.



  1. Tommy Tucker
    December 8, 2018 at 1:52 am

    As an amateur Lepidopterist I volunteer at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale AZ. Doing a variety of educational talks for groups and with individuals while they visit with the 2,500 or so butterflies in the large atrium. I would be interested in visiting Pismo Beach again (I visited last winter and enjoyed seeing the Monarchs !) would there be an opportunity for me to visit on Feb 4th and have an opportunity to volunteer as a docent for you and do presentations to the visitors that wished to learn more about the Monarchs ?

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