Express Trash Hauling & Dump Truck Service

Eddie Hernandez is truly one of those old-school gems. He is responsive, accommodating and affordable. Refreshing! When he says he is going to meet you he’s on time! His pricing usually beats your best guess and his crew is fast and friendly.


We have used Eddie for junk removal, power-washing, grading and yard clean-up. He also offers pick-up and delivery of sand, rock, gravel or other materials. When he removes junk from a home or garage he always cleans the area after removal – sweeping and leaf-blowing garages and driveways. Have an old couch that won’t fit out the door? Eddie will handle it! Have old TVs or mattresses no one will take? Eddie’s got it! Stucco stained by rain run-off. No worries. Roof covered in moss – taken care of.

Usually he can fit you in within 48-72 hours. This is a number you want to make sure you don’t lose – Call Eddie and he will “get ‘er done.”

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