It’s Time to Trot!

Thanksgiving is a time for family, for reflection, and for over-indulgence in most cases – so what better way to kick off the day then a bit of a calorie-burn that also gives back to a great cause? There are two Turkey Trot opportunities in SLO County – both benefit the Food Bank in memory of Christine Allen.

Gather the family – kids, dogs, everyone – and walk, run, or stroll at your own pace. You can choose sand or paved trail with these two locations.

If you prefer the sand option, sign-in begins at 8 a.m. on the south side of the Pismo Pier. This trot begins at 8:30 a.m. – rain or shine. Remember that there is no cost but donations of $1 or more are encouraged. We typically give the kiddos each at least $5 to encourage giving back and they all do the donating for our family “team.” The run is roughly a 5K, south toward the Grand Avenue entrance to the beach but turning back just before the Sand Highway.

Remember, this year the Pier parking lot is under construction, so allow yourself some time to park in one of the many lots dotted around town and walk to the start. Also, if the tide is up, you may be running through a small creek or two so don’t wear your best sneakers.

Alternatively, the second local option is on the Bob Jones Trail. Registration starts at the same times as the Pismo “trot.” Beginning at the Avila Promenade and following up the Bob Jones Trail and back.  

This is a great way to kick off your Thanksgiving Day – and an excuse for an extra helping of stuffing or piece of pie! More importantly, this is really a wonderful opportunity to begin the Season of Giving as the money raised helps the local Food Bank and families who are less fortunate.

I look forward to seeing you at the Turkey Trot!

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