North Coast Tide Pools

Since the shelter in place order we have all found ourselves wearing a new hat or two. Parents are now teachers as well as full-time entertainers in sometimes tight quarters – so we can all identify with trying to find creative ways to safely keep busy! With three active little boys at home, I’ve found that we need to get out of the house at least once a week for ALL of our sanity. Thankfully, here on the Central Coast, many of the hiking trails and beaches are still open (as long as we keep our social distance) and one of our favorite places to go has been the tide pools just past Cayucos Beach. On the West side of HWY 1, between Cayucos and Harmony, there are 5 turn outs to park and walk to these incredible tide pools. Once parked, the walk to the water is about a half mile long with a rather steep hike down the cliff. We were thankful that we wore our tennis shoes for both the hike and exploring the tide pools. It’s also a good idea to check the tides on google before going because the lower the tides, the more creatures to see. It is an incredible opportunity to see some amazing sea creatures – and also pass along lessons like being kind and not touching or getting too close to the animals. While we were there, we saw starfish, octopi, sea urchin, and many varieties of crabs, but made sure to give them their space to preserve their home. We love this field trip that we can take while distance learning. We’re creating some amazing memories during this season of life that I hope my children will remember throughout their lives.

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