Make Your Mark – Hallway Home Decor

When we moved into our new home last summer, I was so excited to have a blank canvas again!

I’m thankful for my family putting up with my crazy decorating ideas because I find so much joy in creating fun and unique designs. A home just doesn’t feel “homey” without putting your own personality by making your own “mark” when it comes to owning a home. That’s why I’m so excited to share our families latest home decorating project! We are literally making our “mark” with this fun picture frame accent wall in our hallway.

I’ve always wanted a gallery wall where my kids could hang their art. Since the pandemic started, all my young boys’ art projects haven’t been displayed on their usual school classroom walls, instead they were getting placed all over our house. Dare I say, they were mostly scattered all over their bedroom floors!?!

However, they are at the age where they’ve been making some really, great pieces with their online art classes. Therefore, I felt it necessary to begin to showcase all their hard work in a new way for us all to be proud of. The best part is that the boys have enjoyed picking which pieces to put up, and I love the color it brings to our once cold and dark hallway.

To make this accent wall, I took different size books and bowls that we have around the house and traced them with a pencil in a gallery wall style pattern. I then went over the tracings with black acrylic paint. To keep the look organic, I added different styles to each frame. I love the different shapes of frames and am proud of how fun it has created for the whole family to enjoy!

I love accent walls and with just a couple hours of work, you too can add a huge amount of character to your space! And, if you get tired of it after a short period of time, it’s easy to just get a can of paint and try something new!

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